Hi, my name is Marsel.

I am a software developer interested in databases and distributed systems biased towards Go and Python.

In early 2020 I moved to Canada to explore a new continent. Before that I lived in Thailand and traveled around South East Asia for 8 years. There I was introduced to joy of motorcycle riding and technical challenges it presented, firstly as a mode of transportation, later touring, and eventually competitions.

I've participated in four circuit races taking third place in one of them, apart from that I reduced my personal lap time from 58 to 52.57 seconds. After that I shifted my focus to off-road (motocross, enduro) and soon discovered the lack of foundational skills impeding my progress. I found out that motorcycle trials, while being a sport in its own right, was the way to go. With practice I've been gradually improving and discovered in process that I like trials more than other motorsports. Following this I found confidence to join competitions first in a beginner class, then in C class, and in 2019 tried my skills in B class.

However I started out as an artist in Russia. I enjoyed doodling since early childhood. At first opportunity I passed exams and left home at age of 10 to study at arts boarding school in the city as I wanted to learn how to draw better. Besides all the regular classes I filled my spare time with extra-curricular painting courses. Occasionally my works were chosen to join school and regional contests and exhibitions.

At around age of twelve I got interested in websites when a teacher showed how to use frames in Netscape Navigator. The same weekend I went to a book fair to buy books on HTML/web-design and I've been developing web applications for fun and profit ever since. I participated in school competitions on informatics and had an opportunity to join regionals though results showed that my knowledge wasn't on par. Nevertheless it was an important experience for me.

By fourth year I realized that my passion for computers overtook my interest in academic art, so I changed schools to get prepared to eventually apply and join CS program in a local university.

Once I've graduated with MS degree I took off to travel as during my last summer holidays at the university I went to Europe in my first trip abroad and was stricken with wanderlust that brought me to Thailand.