Marsel Mavletkulov: Python/Go

Marsel Mavletkulov: Python, Go Developer

I care deeply about architecture and code quality. I like to design web services (APIs) and reason about their boundaries, therefore I am interested in distributed systems. I find professional satisfaction in idiomatic code written as a story for developers. Thus I’ve chosen Python and Go to help me be the most productive.

On a side note, machine learning is a small hobby of mine. You can reach me via:

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer (Python/Go), Software Architect (since August 2017) at, financial services based on digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum July 2014 — Present

In two months onboard I developed the wallet system which is our core service. I have been maintaining and improving it as the company has grown to serve over 5 millions of customers.

In early days of I set up continuous integration and infrastructure based on SaltStack (production, staging, beta and sandbox servers), though it’s on Kubernetes nowadays.

All along I’ve been improving code quality & architecture and advocating for both, decoupling services from the legacy monolithic system towards microservices. For example, the currency quotes service, the account service which provides auth flow.

Python Developer at icon fonts generator Fontastic (Webalys) January 2014 — July 2014 (remote)

I started with Django code quality improvements (refactoring, tests, documentation, bug fixes), helping with infrastructure based on Ansible. Also I worked on billing (recurring PayPal payments, font hosting limitation control, coroutine based S3 and CloudFront log analyzer) and SVG sprite hosting.

Python Developer at cloud-based file upload SaaS Uploadcare November 2012 — August 2013 (remote)

I started to work at Uploadcare from tasks that helped me to get familiar with the infrastructure quicker (Django, Tornado, Flask, Chef). After that I engaged mostly with Django (payments integration with Stripe, customer dashboard) and maintaining API library pyuploadcare (mass refactoring, documentation, Python 3 support, first major release).

Python Developer at concert organization startup July 2012 — October 2012

Right after graduation I met a guy who was looking for developers to build a startup. As I joined early on, I had participated in setting project foundation and system architecture. During my time there I worked on social authorization, voting system, concert’s pages, singer’s profile, downloading similar bands, email sending, trading subsystem (tickets, orders, discounts, payments).

While studying I had been working as PHP developer.

Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer at web studio Bestweb August 2007 — January 2012

I’ve developed numerous websites using PHP/CodeIgniter/MySQL. Additionally developed CMS which was used in 20 websites. Some of them are,,,, etc.

Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer at web studio Parus Media April 2006 — June 2007

Here I started websites development using PHP/MySQL. The biggest and the most interesting of them was SamRU. I worked on components such as forum, job board, weather forecast widget, billboard, catalog of products, banner system, etc. I wrote those service components from scratch, because it was not feasible to integrate third-party ones into the project.


In 2005 I enrolled at Samara State Aerospace University and then in 2007 decided to move to my hometown, so I continued the curriculum at Ufa State Aviation Technical University which I graduated in 2012 with Master’s degree in Computer Science.